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Behavior Based Safety Management

Breaches of rules are a frequent cause of accidents, as accident evaluations in different organisations show. Up to now there is neither a theoretical framework nor systematic investigations of the factors influencing rule violations.

A theoretical framework is being developed that systematizes and integrates the individual factors influencing rule violations.
The framing of the production target as profit or loss, the capitalized values and the perceived audit probability are identified as central influencing factors.

In a preliminary study, the significant influence of the framing of the production target on the probability of committing a rule violation was already shown. In three experiments in the simulation environment AWASim the hypotheses concerning the main effect of the framing as well as the interactions of the framing with the activated values and the audit probability are systematically tested. Our research will contribute to the development of recommendations for the communication and presentation of production targets as well as for the frequency and sequencing of safety inspections.