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DFG Projects

Behavior Based Safety Management

Breaches of rules are a frequent cause of accidents, as accident evaluations in different organisations show. Up to now there is neither a theoretical framework nor systematic investigations of the factors influencing rule violations. In this project, a theoretical framework is being developed that systematizes and integrates the individual factors influencing rule violations.

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Temporal Coordination

Time coordination is an important aspect of teamwork. Coordination refers to the observation of one's own teamwork progress, as well as to the correct timing, e.g. by observing the states of a technical system, the chronological order of subtasks, adaptation and dynamic changes in context.

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SPP 1921 - Intentional Forgetting in Organizations

Every change leads to a new fit between the situation and relevant, appropriate knowledge - what was right is no longer right in parts - old, irrelevant things must be forgotten so that new things can be applied. The project SPP 1921, for example, investigates how the mechanisms of human forgetting can be made useful for a technical and organizational context.

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Refresher Interventions: Gaze Guiding Tool

In the DFG project "The effect of refresher interventions on skill maintenance of complex, dynamic work activities of process control over longer time intervals considering mental workload and situation awareness (KL2207/3-3)" the Gauze-Guiding Tool was developed. This tool is designed to support the remembering and execution of rarely used skills.

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