On the positive aspects of customers

Meldung vom Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Barbara K. Zimmermann, Christian Dormann and Maureen F. Dollard (2011). On the positive aspects of customers: Customer-initiated support and affective crossover in employee-customer dyads. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 84, 31–57.

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This study investigated affective linkages in customer-service dyads as well as main and mediating effects of positive customer behaviour (customer-initiated support). We examined affective crossover of customer and service employees and focused on customer-initiated support as a resource for service employees. State positive affect (PA) was assessed in 82 car dealership employees and 421 customers on 2 occasions (before and after conversation). Hierarchical linear models showed crossover effects of employees’ PA on customers’ PA. Furthermore, customer-initiated support enhanced employees’ PA and indirectly linked customers’ and employees’ PA. Results are integrated in an overall model: Customers’ PA enhances customer-initiated support, which establishes employees’ PA, which in turn enhances customers’ PA. Implications for further research and practice are given.