Take a break?!

Meldung vom Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

de Jonge, J., Spoor, E., Sonnentag, S., Dormann, C., & van den Tooren, M. (2012). Take a break?! Off-job recovery, job demands, and job resources as predictors of health, active learning, and creativity. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 21, 321-348.

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This study focused on the relation between job demands and two distinct coping resources (i.e., job resources and off-job recovery) in the prediction of psychological outcomes (i.e., active learning, creativity, emotional exhaustion, and physical health complaints). Using the Demand-Induced Strain Compensation (DISC) Model as a theoretical framework, we investigated the issue of ‘optimal resourcing’; that is, the moderating effect of matching job resources and off-job recovery (i.e. detachment from work) on the relation between corresponding job demands and psychological outcomes. Based on a cross-sectional survey study with 399 employees, the overall pattern of regression analyses suggests that matching job resources and off-job recovery are indeed relevant for employees’ outcomes. In conclusion, in order to cope with specific job demands, employees need corresponding job resources as well as off-job recovery to improve their health and job performance.