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  • I´m already working - now i´m interested in studying Work and Organizational Psychology in Bochum avocationally.

Forget it, there is no sense in it. It´s a full-time course of study.
For a part-time course, there are other offers. However, they are usually with costs.


  • I need information on neighbouring fields!

Go to our website: NEWS, INFORMATION, Information for Students (most documents in german).
Please note: When in doubt, send an e-mail to the lecturer so that there will be no problems in crediting.


  • What do you mean by the term ´side-door-entry`?

Some students already have accomplished credits in other courses which may be taken into account. Therefore, they may be accepted for studying in a higher semester.
or basic information go to: NEWS, INFORMATION: Information for Students, or to our faculties´ website.
Carefully listed documentation of your college performance (expenditure of time, credit points, provided audits, content, lecturer) is recommended.
Applications for side-door-entry always have to be directed to the admissions office, which contacts experts in the matter of classification.


  • How do I apply?

Online. Via regirstrar´s office.


  • What is the N.C.?

N.C. is varying, according to the number of applicants. In recent years, it approximately was moving between 1.2 and 1.4.


  • How can I get credit for certain events to other modules?

This will be decided in each individual case. Always ask in advance, i.e. before participating, especially before taking part in exams. Decisions are made by the university lecturer, when indicated in consultation with faculty management/Examination Office.


  • How do I sign up for exams?

In general, only those who are duly registered for an exam are allowed to take part in.
In doubt, university lecturers decide who is allowed and who is not.
Anyway, it must first be clarified (e.g. external students).

Normally, our students register on VSPL (up to 3 weeks before exam; deregistration up to 2 weeks b.e.).
External students e-mail to the lecturer or the chair (aow@rub.de), indicating full name and matriculation number, in order to apply for exam.


  • I´ve signed in VSPL for a course  and now I´m on "stand by" - what does it mean?

It means the lecturer still hasn´t made any final decision on participation.
all students doing the required course (compulsory) are pre-elected.
All others (elective courses, external students) are following, depending on capacity.


  • I need information on examination regulations.

Go to the faculties´ website: IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AND FORMS.


  • What to consider if interested in doing a doctorate?

(Prospective) PhD students read detailed instructions on the faculty website.


  • Who are the professional consultants in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology?

At the moment there is one consultant:

Prof. Dr. Annette Kluge

Feel free to contact her, best by e-mail.